Blazing Shuttles Weave & Dye Weekend

IMG_5112Last weekend, we welcomed Blazing Shuttles, aka Kathrin Weber, to our studio for a 3-day Weave and Dye Workshop.  On Friday, twelve weaving students were welcomed by this beautiful selection of warps – what a way to start your weekend!

Kathrin then led all the students through three different methods of setting up their loom to achieve the effects of shifting, flipping, and windows, which is part of what makes her woven work so unique.  By then end of the first day, everyone was in various stages of setting up the loom and a few diligent students had even begun weaving.



By the end of Day 2, everyone was weaving and some pieces had even come off of the loom

blazing_shuttles_2014_083_medium    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The weavers all left the weaving workshop with a lot learned and completely inspired by the colors and ability to design at the loom.

Eager to learn more about Kathrin’s dyeing process, we were joined by 10 new students for the third day of the workshop.  The weather was gorgeous and the colors vibrant.  New and experienced dyers alike created some wonderful color combinations.





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