Louisiana Studio

All events held at the Louisiana Studio and Retreat Center are located on a wooded campus north of Lake Pontchartrain and accessible via the New Orleans International or Baton Rouge Municipal Airports.

Tuition and Materials Fee for each session is included in individual class descriptions.  Please register via the links in each event listing and contact cheryl@saoristyle.com with any questions.


SAORI KAI | Winter Dates: February 12-15, 2016; Spring Dates: April 15-18, 2016


A Kai is a gathering of people to exchange and share ideas.  For these Kais, SAORI-enthusiasts – novices and seasoned weavers alike – get together in an informal setting for learning, information exchange and just plain fun! No prior weaving knowledge required – beginners are welcome.

$38 Event Fee.  Overnight accommodations are currently available during this event.  Looms available for event rental upon request.  Please contact the studio for more information about either.

Winter Tickets/ Availability: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/winter-saori-kai-tickets-18728679986.

Spring Tickets/ Availability: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spring-saori-kai-tickets-18037900847


Tablet Weaving with John Mullarkey | September 10-11, 2016 |10am – 4pm daily

RiverBandJohn Mullarkey will lead this two-day workshop during which students will learn two tablet weaving techniques: Threaded-In designs and Double-card Double-turn Diagonals.

During the first day, you will learn the basics of threaded-in designs by weaving a friendship bracelet.  We will start with a discussion on how to read and design tablet weaving drafts.  Then we will proceed to setting up the cards, weaving the band, and end with a discussion of finishing techniques.  Along the way, we will focus on avoiding common pitfalls and sharing tips and tricks for weaving perfect bands. For those interested in learning how to tablet weave.

The second day will focus on Double-card Double-turn Diagonals. Also called “Egyptian” Diagonals, this workshop will focus on weaving diagonal patterns with tablets.  We will use the circular warp setup, and learn how to use two packs to create interesting diagonal designs.  Patterns will be provided, but individual exploration will be encouraged.

$235 Event Fee. Includes 2 days of instruction, 20 cards, 1 shuttle, and documentation. Instructor provides looms for student to borrow during workshop.

Tickets and More Information: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tablet-weaving-with-john-mallarkey-tickets-19005498959 

Experience Level: Beginner, no weaving Experience Required.


In addition to the classes above, general weaving and spinning instruction (in traditional or SAORI methods) is prearranged by appointment and tailored to individual and small group requirements. We are able to serve classes of one to groups as large as twelve.

Subject-specific classes and workshops are available throughout the year and are often available in two- or three-day variations.  They include:

  • Exploring SAORI: Free-style weaving for all ages and abilities:  This class is appropriate for experienced and beginning weavers alike who are interested in learning more about the SAORI weaving philosophy and history.  Students will be exposed to a range of weaving techniques to incorporate into their cloth.
  • Clasp Warp Exploration: Learn to wind a warp of interlocked colors for a ikat-like affect.  At the end of this multi-day course, you will leave with a scarf made with your own clasp warp, woven that scarf and learned many SAORI techniques.
  • Reverse Appliqué Tees: Wondering what to do with your leftover handwoven material from various projects?  Using your own SAORI fabric, you will learn how to prepare your material for this technique and create your own appliqué tee-shirt.  This may be taken as a one or two day course.  In the longer course, we will weave yardage that may be used for your appliqué.
  • Woven Möbius Cowl: In this course, you will learn how to weave your own completely joined möbius.  This woven piece comes off the loom as a finished wearable cowl.
  • Saki Ori Weaving: Learn how to re-purpose commercially milled fabrics into weft in order to create a handwoven cloth with beautiful drape.  These handwovens are wonderful for use in clothing.
  • Supplemental Warp SAORI: Are you nervous about putting your double back beam to work?  This three-day course will provide the basics of double weave with 4-harnesses and give you the know-how to put your supplemental warp beam to use in a variety of projects that create three-dimensions effects in your weaving.
  • SAORI Equipment Tips and Tricks: The SAORI equipment has many ingenious features that maximize efficiency.  If you would like to learn how to use your equipment to its full potential, this two- or three-day course will provide you with that next level of confidence.

For all instruction, looms are available on site and additional materials may be purchased from the studio. All Weavin’ Place-sponsored SAORI sessions are completed using SAORI looms. SAORI looms and accessories are also available for purchase.

Instruction is held at on-site at one of our two studio locations.  We additionally offer off-site instruction with advance scheduling for home school and therapeutic sessions.

Email cheryl@saoristyle.com or call the Louisiana Studio to schedule your next creative learning experience!