Virginia Studio

The Virginia Studio is pleased to announce the workshops below as part of its Fall/ Winter offerings.  To register for any of the workshops below, download the registration form and return the completed form and deposit to Connie Diamant.  For more information please contact me at or 703 409 6259.

Private lessons are also available at Weavin’ Place—SAORI Style Virginia Studio.  Please call or write to make arrangements


Private Lessons

What a Treat

Come to the Virginia Studio and give yourself the gift of SAORI weaving. I know that everyone’s schedules get jam-backed with activities, but what better way to expand your horizons.

I am available for private lessons or small group lessons.  I am very flexible and I am sure we can find a way to set up times to suit your needs.  Become a SAORI weaver.

Please contact me at or by phone at 703 409 6259.

Below is the description of classes that I have held in the past.  Be sure to check back for new classes.

Connie Diamant is a SAORI GUIDE at Weavin’ Place-SAORI Style Virginia Studio.  She brings 17 years  traditional weaving experience enhanced by  SAORI  instructor training..




Learn to Weave SAORI Style with Connie Diamant

 This Basic SAORI workshop explores hand weaving in the SAORI WAY for the beginner (never touched a loom before) and experienced (weaving for years) alike. Developed in Japan by Misao Jo in 1969, this unique weaving technique emphasizes self-expression to release inner creativity. SAORI free-style weaving is resourceful and a great way for knitters and crocheters to “stash bust”—use up leftover yarn from other projects.  In this workshop, students will weave enough cloth to make a scarf, shawl or market bag (for those that are project oriented) or cloth to simply enjoy!  No experience necessary.

All materials are provided


Fiber and Ink: A Weaving/Journaling Workshop

Journaling and SAORI freestyle weaving are united in this unique workshop. Learn to weave the SAORI way and tap into your creativity using the techniques of journaling. This 6 hour workshop presents a matchless experience to deepen your relationship with your inspired muse.

During this class, students will:

  • Learn to journal in a safe and secure environment (sharing is an option but not an obligation).
  • Learn to weave using the SAORI style weaving techniques.
  • Gain an understand of the creative process with the pen and shuttle supporting each other.

This workshop is designed for both the beginning and the experienced weaver and for the beginning and experienced journaler.


Date: April 1, 2017

Class time: 9 am to 4 pm with a one hour break for lunch

Location:  The Weavin’ Place—Virginia Studio

                  6328 Karmich St.

                  Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Cost: $250 including fiber materials, journals, pens, and loom rental

To register,

Contact us

(703) 409 6259

Please bring a bag lunch (refrigerator and microwave available)

Space is limited.  Pre-warped SAORI floor looms available to the first 6 enrollees; space for 4 additional table looms (students will need to warp table looms before coming to the workshop; Connie will give you warping instructions 3 weeks before the class).


Deborah Ross, certified Journal Therapist, and Licensed Counselor, teaches journaling and expressive writing in meditation programs, health care settings and in workshops for those who wish to connect more deeply with their creativity.   Co-author of, “Your Brain on Ink,” she is fascinated by the research on the brain and how we can use our pen to author a life of resilience, creativity and well-being.

Connie Diamant, weaver,  brings 17 years of traditional weaving experience along with intensive SAORI  training. Connie incorporates the principles of SAORI weaving into her work using unusual fibers and bits and pieces of things.  Her work has been exhibited at the Hylton Performing Arts Center of George Mason University, Manassas Campus annual juried art show. Connie Diamant is affiliated with Weavin’ Place ~SaoriStyle, of Folsom, Louisiana.