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SAORI Pattern Customization Workshop

Many of you have the SAORI Pattern Books and love them!  However, there are also many of you who are a bit intimidated by the freestyle approach of the patterns. You’re comfortable weaving freestyle, but sewing clothes in the same

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Blazing Shuttles Weave & Dye Weekend

Last weekend, we welcomed Blazing Shuttles, aka Kathrin Weber, to our studio for a 3-day Weave and Dye Workshop.  On Friday, twelve weaving students were welcomed by this beautiful selection of warps – what a way to start your weekend!

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Spring SAORI Kai 2014

Another Kai has come and gone and we’re once again left with that hollow after-Christmas feeling.  It was a four days filled with much inspiration and camaraderie.  Now we’re left with an empty studio.  All-in-all that means it was another

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Exploring SAORI at The Spinning Seahorse

This spring has been filled with a great deal of teaching.  This is great news because we simply love to enable! On February 28th we literally took Weavin’ Place ~SAORI Style on the road and headed to Pensacola, FL, for

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SAORI Beginners’ Class

This weekend Weavin’ Place ~ SAORI Style hosted a SAORI Beginners’ class!  During which, we met three new SAORI-enthusiasts who are local to the area.  We shared a great deal about the SAORI weaving philosophy and taught them how to

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First Mirrix Day a Success

As announced in the earlier post, this weekend we had an event at the studio with a focus on Mirrix Tapestry Looms and more specifically Rya Knots. We started this as an idea exchange as many people in our area

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Day 1: Spring SAORI Kai

We have just completed Day 1 of our first spring edition of the SAORI Kai! The studio is packed with 9 excited weaving guests plus an additional passer-by this morning who wanted to see what the whole SAORI rage really

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A Visit from the Mississippi Guild

Last week, we had the wonderful experience of hosting eight members of the Dyed in the Wool Weavers and Spinners Guild of Mississippi.  They traveled to the studio in the morning and spent a better part of the day with

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The Singing Weaver Comes to South Louisiana

As those of you who follow our website or the Ravelry group know, Weavin’ Place ~ SAORI style had the pleasure this weekend to host Nadine Sanders for a 3 day workshop. The focus was the Moorman inlay technique which

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Workshops, Workshops, Workshops!

This spring has been a bustling one!  (Yes, here in South Louisiana we consider February Spring.)  It was kicked off sooner than usual with an especially early Mardi Gras, which marks the beginning of what we like to call “Festival

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