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IMG_0139Those of you who have been following the studio for a while or are local to our area may be aware of an amazing weaving program taking place at OPTIONS.  The OPTIONS mission is one of enabling individuals with disabilities to live and work in the community.  The weaving program is one of many programs that they provide at the facility.  OPTIONS Weaving is the labor of love of Karen Pfeifer who has witnessed the success of similar weaving programs in Germany.  Our studio has enjoyed seeing it grow from our initial involvement with the loom selection advising and volunteer teaching sessions.  The entire staff of Options has been very supportive of the program and its continued growth and service.

When this program began several years ago, it offered weaving on three SAORI looms for taster sessions to a limited number of the OPTIONS clients.  They have since grown the program, initially offering enrichment days at Weavin’ Place ~ SAORI Style, and now expanding their reach even further with a much more spacious location on the same campus.  They are producing rugs, scarves, wall hangings, and a myriad of other products from their handwoven fabric and have provided two of the OPTIONS participants with employment.

The new studio location provides a large room for the weaving as well as an immediately adjacent room for a sewing.  They currently have 6 looms, which all have active projects, and room to continue to expand.  My visit was during a less active time of the day as I was delivering a new SOARI 4-harness loom, but you can see some examples of the amazing work that has been produced.  In their expansion, they are looking for donations of cotton weaving yarns (3/2, 5/2, 8/2, and 10/2) and various sewing supplies (measuring tapes, needles, sewing thread, etc.)

All donations may be sent to Options, Inc, Attn: Options Weaving, 19362 Shelton Road, Hammond, LA 70401.

We look forward to seeing what comes next for this blossoming program that is truly a testament to the powers of the SAORI weaving philosophy!

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