The SAORI weaving method is enhanced when utilizing unique SAORI looms that incorporate ingeniously adapted features to accommodate a range of abilities.

SAORI Loom Features:

  • Lightweight, compact, most are foldable, great for storage or transport
  • Size appropriate for adults and children.  Small footprint when open for use
  • Accessory shelf
  • Prewound warps available
  • Assorted tools/accessories to facilitate the process of preparing the loom and weaving the project

Please contact the studio directly for more information in looms and large equipment purchases as we’ll be happy to guide you through this important decision.  For smaller accessories, books, and yarns, visit our online Etsy marketplace.

WX60 Loom

SAORI 60 Loom

SX60 Loom

SAORI 4-Harness Looms