SAORI Pattern Customization Workshop

image1-2 copyMany of you have the SAORI Pattern Books and love them!  However, there are also many of you who are a bit intimidated by the freestyle approach of the patterns.

You’re comfortable weaving freestyle, but sewing clothes in the same spirit leaves you a bit queasy, asking “What if I RUIN my beautiful cloth?”  This workshop is designed specifically with you in mind!

Jo Ziller is back in the studio to teach a special class that focuses on customizing SAORI patterns to fit your body type.  The workshop will focus on two SAORI patterns – one shirt and one jacket.  Each participant will learn what is required to customize these patterns to fit their own body.  Patterns and material list will be provided to participants several weeks prior to the workshop.

This workshop is taking place September 29-30 – the Tuesday and Wednesday following the Fall Kai.  Information and tickets available through Eventbrite.

Jo ‘s education has been primarily in textiles and pattern making. She has taught classes in pattern making, adult and children’s sewing classes, heirloom construction, hand and machine embroidery, liturgical construction, history of clothing and history of liturgical vestments.

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